Two-day old girl abandoned in carrier bag meets biological dad 34 years later

A woman abandoned in a carrier bag at just two days old has been reunited with her dad 34 years later.

Rachel Selby was left at a church in Toxteth, Liverpool, in 1987 before she was taken to a hospital by cops.

She was named Victoria by nurses whilst Merseyside Police tried to find her mother.

But when they gave up trying to locate her biological mum, Victoria was adopted by a family who renamed her Rachel.

Now, the brave woman has been put in touch with her real dad on a TV show.

Experts from the programme ‘Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace’ found DNA matches to two relatives in the Liverpool area.

They carried out further tests and found Rachel’s biological father, Kevin.

She said: "I always knew I was left on church steps. It was a painful subject.

"I didn't choose to talk about it a great deal, it's not the nicest start to your life is it."

The now mum-of-two had never been back to the church, but desperate to find her blood relatives and ready to confront her past, Rachel revisited the site.

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She said: "I have always avoided going back to where I was abandoned… I think it's now time for me to face that fear of the unknown."

Meeting Reverend Peter Morgan, who had found her as a baby, Rachel was emotional.

The Rev assured her that her mother had left her at the steps because she knew she would be in good care.

As part of the TV show, Rachel’s biological father, Kevin agreed to meet his daughter for the first time.

It prompted a passionate reaction and upon seeing a picture of baby Rachel, he said he wished he had been there for her.

But he was sleeping with a number of women at the time and had no idea who her mother was.

After the long-lost couple were finally re-united, they said they instantly clicked.

Both Kevin and Rachel then shared pics of their own families and chatted about what their lives had been like in the time they’d been apart.

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