UFO ‘seen entering Mexican volcano’ sparks debate over ‘secret alien base’

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Conspiracy theorists believe aliens could be living in a 'secret base' inside the Earth after a UFO was spotted entering a Mexican volcano.

Self-proclaimed alien expert Scott C Waring, who has gained a reputation for outlandish claims, shared a video that shows a bright object entering Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico.

Analysing the clip recorded on December 10, Waring said: "This video was recorded straight from the live cam. The volcano is located not far from Mexico City.

"A UFO was caught moving very slowly, falling almost directly into the mouth of the volcano. It entered the left side of the volcano, where there is a known vent.

"The vent in that location often spews ash, lava and clouds every week. That's the opening I believe this UFO entered. I have long said that there is an alien base below Popocatepetl volcano.

"Not only have UFOs been seen passing over, around and into the volcano, but they have also been recorded exiting the mouth.

"There have even been sightings by the locals of 7ft hairy beings with huge spikes on their heels of the feet seen climbing up the volcano side without any mounting climbing equipment.

"The proof is mounting, soon aliens will choose to reveal themselves to the world. Are you ready? I know I am."

Waring later uploaded the video of the event on his YouTube channel, where it has now gone viral thanks to floods of comments from conspiracy theorists who believe there is a 'secret alien base' inside the volcano.

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One user said: "I think they have a base in that volcano. So many sightings there."

Another added: "They've been spotted flying right into the sun also which begs the question is extreme heat a power source of some kind.

"There's a clue here I feel. What kind of power system uses million-degree temperatures? Nuclear reactors."

A third wrote: "Every day this stuff is getting more active and there are a lot more sightings"

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However, other users weren't so convinced as the sceptics said that the object could be a meteor.

One user said: "I was watching a meteor shower the other night. My opinion is this is a meteor."

Another added: "Whatever that was was not entering the volcano, at first I thought it was an ice comet, then a meteor or a missile. I am still undecided as to what it was."

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