'UFO' spotted in NJ was apparently just a Goodyear blimp

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A viral video circulating on social media Monday had some New Jersey residents convinced they had seen a genuine UFO flying over their state.

But the “unidentified flying object” turned out to just be a Goodyear blimp.

In a video shared on Twitter, a man filming the “UFO” expresses amazement at what he’s seeing.


“Look the whole street has f—ing stopped! It’s a f—ing flying spaceship!” the man says, panning his phone around to show other dumbfounded New Jerseyans pulling over to the side of the road and getting out of their car to look at what was apparently just a blimp.

Another person posted a video, claiming that the supposed UFO was flying over Teterboro Airport.

“This is literally a f—ing UFO. It’s just floating. The ship was closer, it went up, a light was shining from it, like a beam. This s— it just f—ing flat and it was moving in like circles,” he said.

It soon became apparent that the blimp was indeed not a flying spacecraft being operated by extraterrestrial entities.

“The amount of dumb—– in New Jersey who think they saw a f—ing UFO, it was a f—ing Goodyear blimp,” wrote a myth buster on Twitter. “All you had to do was have a high-def camera or keep it still enough you can see what’s on the side.”

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