Unearthed ‘CIA correspondence’ says UFO crash ‘killed two aliens’, sleuth claims

An explosive collection of 'uncovered' documents has claimed the CIA was keen to investigate a mysterious report of a crash in Argentina for its possible connection to UFOs.

In a thread on the discussion board website Reddit, the user RozzGames posted scanned letters that claim to be between the Argentinean Embassy to the US security service from 1962.

The photos say the letters were sent between Colonel Roberto Cesar Mullen and Richard Hall of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

The attached 'Report on Unidentified Flying Objects' suggests that the Americans wanted to know what had happened in Bahia Blanca near the Puerto Belgrano base on the eastern coast of the country.

It concerned a report about six months after a group of different witnesses claimed they saw a luminous object moving unusually in the sky.

Its cover letter reads: "Dear Mr Hall: With reference to your letter of August 29, I am pleased to enclose herewith a report made by the Naval Information Service in Buenos Aires".

"I hope it will prove useful for the work you are doing. Please be kind enough to forward to this office all conclusions of interest reached in your special field."

The report collects descriptions of a sighting in the sky on May 22 by various witnesses, including an army gunner, a student, and a lieutenant in a control tower.

According to the user, these documents would support a speculated report from an unnamed 'senior military commander' in Argentina, who claimed that a UFO had crashed close to the base in May 1962.

The documents have not yet been proven to be official correspondence between the CIA or the Argentinian government.

The commander said that when military staff searched the crash site, they found two possible alien 'bodies' onboard an unusual craft. Both were taken away from the scene.

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On May 22, the commander said he was called to the Military Hospital by a navy doctor named Constantino Núñez, a man whose name appears on one of the documents attached by the user.

The two dead 'aliens' taken to the hospital from the crash site were described as 'short in stature' and 'macrocephalic.', meaning they had a large head.

After the military had been called from other parts of the country to inspect the otherworldly find, arrangements were claimed to have been made by the Argentinians for the transfer of both the UFO and the bodies to the United States.

It is not known what happened after the reported transfer, and if the CIA ever published their findings.

The CIA has been approached for comment from The Daily Star.

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