‘Vain’ Elon Musk’s World War 3 response when slammed for Russia comments

Elon Musk is continuing to take flak for his views on Ukraine with leading media outlet the Kyiv Post pleading for him to "just stop" during a Twitter spat.

The English-language newspaper, which has almost 385,000 followers on Twitter, also accused Musk of being vain in refusing to admit that he "overdid something" in his "attempt to pose as an expert on Ukraine".

Earlier, this week, the Tesla boss was criticised when he suggested that the former Ukrainian territory of Crimea, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, should now be formally recognised as "part of Russia" as he proposed a "peaceful" resolution to the Vladimir Putin-led invasion.

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He also argued that Ukraine must "remain neutral" and that victory in the war with Russia was "unlikely".

Responding to his views, a tweet, uploaded on to the Kyiv Post's Twitter account on Thursday (October 6), read: "The @elonmusk situation is clearly getting out of hand, and it seems like pride and vanity play a behemoth role in his attempt to pose as an expert on #Ukraine. Just stop, Elon. It's ok to admit that you overdid smth. Just stop."

Musk went on to react to the tweet with the following statement: "I’m a big fan of Ukraine, but not of WW3."

Twitter users quickly commented on his riposte with one declaring: "You should take a step back in this controversy; maybe admit the views you expressed did not encompass the full perspective, and take a Twitter break. 

"You are wise to worry about WWIII, but you might have been unwise to propose publicly a solution that would hurt many."

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Another simply suggested: "If only you were a fan of shutting up."

A third argued: "Russia doesn't get to wave a WW3 magic wand and take over any part of any country it wants."

Some did appear to agree with Musk's sentiments, though, with one saying: "Amen to that Elon. WW3 is where we are sadly headed and I'm so confused why people want that?"

Another reasoned: "I get where Elon is coming from, but unfortunately I think a peaceful negotiated settlement is highly unlikely. The atrocities committed by the Russians are simply too flagrant and personal for the Ukrainians to be willing to accept anything other than unconditional surrender."


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