Video shows thousands of fish falling from the sky as Utah lakes restocked by airdrop

In video from Utah, thousands of baby fish get the chance to fly down to their watery home via airdrop over the lakes they are sent to restock.

Since 1950, Utah has used aerial fish restocking to fill over 200 remote lakes across the state. Today, more than 35,000 small fish — known as fingerlings — can be released in a single drop, repopulating marine life in these hard to reach bodies of water throughout the state.

Video of the process shows a small plane taking off near a lake in Utah's Bicknell area. As the plane passes over the lake, a hatch is opened and thousands of live fish pour out. The cloud of fish can be seen filling the sky before raining down, one by one, to the lake below.

Because of how remote the lakes are, maintaining proper oxygen levels can be a challenge if the fish are transported by road, which is why airdrop has become the method of choice to restock.

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