Vile trolls accuse Barbara Windsor’s husband of cashing in on star’s dementia

Cruel trolls have ­accused Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband of cashing in on his wife’s dementia.

Internet sickos made Scott Mitchell a target after he revealed how he struggles to deal with the soap star’s condition.

Devastated Scott said: “I don’t really look at social media, but I’ve seen comments along the lines of, ‘He’s enjoying the limelight’ and that really hurts.”

The 56-year-old has also told how Barbara, who played Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders, now asks him to get in touch with her late mother.

He said: “She’ll often ask me if I’ve ever lived in our house before – we’ve lived together for 26 years. She’ll ask me if I can get in touch with her mum, because she’d love to speak to her.

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“This illness is slowly stripping away the love of my life, right in front of me.

“Doing what I do for Alzheimer’s awareness is the only way I feel I can fight back. It’s my way of going ‘Sod you!’ to this horrendous disease.”

Scott realised something was wrong with his 82-year-old wife when she kept repeating herself.

He said of one encounter with a fan: “I remember one kind lady looking at me and nodding with a very gentle smile, as if to say she knew, she’d been through it all with a loved one. I’ll never forget that.”

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