Weird host of alien-looking sea creatures caught by fisherman in his trawler

A fisherman has shared horrifying images of his huge haul of terrors from the deep which includes a massive collection of alien-looking sea creatures.

Roman Fedortsov, 39, normally reels in cod, haddock and mackerel on commercial trawlers and sometimes fishes up to thousands of metres below the surface (3,300 feet) to catch them.

But in the process, he also regularly drags up some utterly bizarre-looking animals.

From ghost sharks and one-eyed fish, to bearded sea devils and anglerfish, he’s seen it all.

Mr Fedorstov has now started documenting his discoveries and regularly shares photos of his crazy finds.

He said: "In their own way all of these creatures are beautiful."

Mr Fedorstov has said he sometimes finds the strange-looking animals among his catch while commercial fishing in the Norwegian and Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean and Greenland Sea.

Most of these animals live in the Mesopelagic zone of the ocean which stretches from a depth of 200 metres to 1,000 metres (roughly 660 to 3,300 feet).

There is minimal light at these depths.

US National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explains: "The black animals absorb all colours of light available, and the red animals appear black as well; there is no red light to reflect and their bodies absorb all other available wavelengths of light. Thus red and black animals predominate."

The fish take on an even more grotesque appearance when they are brought to the surface as their swim bladders, which control buoyancy, blow up causing eye-bulging and contortions.

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According to his Twitter handle, Fedortsov uses an iPhone 11 Pro Max to capture the images.

He has more than 620,000 followers on Instagram and over 138,000 followers on Twitter.

The fisherman previously said: "All kinds of fish are beautiful in their own way. I can not say that they are 'scary' or 'ugly'.

"People are very interested in unusual sea creatures.

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"Readers have the impression that with each trawl we bring aboard unusual fish specimens,' the fisherman added. 'In fact, this is far from the case. It is a rarity.

"On the other hand, even a famous fish can be photographed so that it will seem to be a 'monster'."

Most of the raised fish do not survive due to the difference in pressure, he added.

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