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Greet the week with a comforting bowl of vegetarian tom yum soup with tofu.

By Sam Sifton

Good morning. It is Columbus Day for some, Indigenous Peoples’ Day for others, Thanksgiving for Canadians and General Pulaski Memorial Day for those who remember the Polish hero of the American Revolution, who died after the siege of Savannah in 1779.

I’m moved to ask: How are you doing? You holding up? Mondays can land with force: another starting line, another marathon. Weren’t we just here the other day?

We were, as it happens. But now we’ve got this new recipe for tom yum soup with tofu (above), a vegetarian Thai number with silken tofu and vermicelli that I think would make a fine and warming one-bowl meal this evening, and a chance to greet the new week with pleasure.

Also new: this recipe for sheet-pan chicken chilaquiles, a dinnertime version of the breakfast favorite, with blistered-vegetable salsa roja poured over chips and chicken. And we’re pleased to offer this recipe for shrimp glass noodles with spicy mustard sauce, a fast and flavorful meal that you could make this afternoon and serve chilled or at room temperature for dinner, or for lunch tomorrow.

Alternatively, you might consider making quick-braised cod with herbed yogurt tonight, or pan-seared steak with red wine sauce. I like this eggplant bulgogi over rice. (I love these lemon meltaways with a cup of herbal tea.) And if you’ve got some extra time, try this incredible arroz con pollo. That is a righteous dinner.

There are many thousands more recipes waiting for you on New York Times Cooking, at least once you’ve secured a subscription to our site and apps. I hope you have! Subscriptions support our work and allow it to continue. And you can find other ideas for what to cook on our Instagram page and on our YouTube channel. You’ll find links to our news and reviews on Twitter.

We are, as always, standing by to help in case something goes sideways while you’re cooking or using our technology. Just write [email protected], and someone will get back to you. (Write to me directly if you’re particularly exercised, or want to say something kind: [email protected] I can’t respond to everyone, but I do read every letter sent.)

Now, it has precious little to do with lap cheong or kugelhopf, but Chris Bachelder’s glowing Times review of Amor Towles’s third novel, “The Lincoln Highway,” got me to read an excerpt from the book, at least. See what you think.

Pitchfork went into the archives and rescored 19 albums they panned or raved, and it’s a conversation starter for sure.

I thought it was kind of a weird flex for AAA to publish a list of the most dangerous roads in America, but as I’ve driven eight of the 12, I figured I’d share. We’re an odd people, to be proud of stuff like this!

Finally, check out this fascinating dispatch from southeast Alaska, about the wooden hooks used by Native fishers to catch halibut, and one woman’s efforts to bring them back, by Bjorn Dihle in Alaska Magazine. Fascinating! I’ll be back on Wednesday. Have a great week.

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