Where does Boris Johnson get his haircut?

BORIS Johnson is famous for his blond unruly mop.

Here's what we know about how his iconic hairstyle in kept shape.

It was reported that one occasion is iconic blond mop was cut by a nervous barber who took off more than he should have.

Boris, 55, popped into the salon while on the campaign trail in his constituency back in 2019.

Originally it was thought girlfriend Carrie Symonds, 31, had been the brains for the new shorter tidier cut which saw him ditch his trademark bird nest look

Stylist Nick Mazer, 53, snipped away after Boris stopped at the Funky Barber in Eastcote, west London, where he is the constituency MP at the end of last year.

Nick said: "I suppose you could say I’m the man who gave BOJO his MOJO thanks to his new haircut.

“I had wanted to talk about Brexit with him as I had voted remain but he said to me not to mention the “B” word and everytime I tried he kept saying “ssshh” and putting his finger to his lips.

“He stopped by when he was visiting the area and as he left my boss shouted out ‘Boris, get your haircut!’ and he said OK and sat in the chair.

“He said that the boss land I looked like we knew what we were doing and was happy to have a cut.

“He said ‘Don’t change me’ or he would kill me and to not take too much off but I was a little nervous and cut it shorter than I should.

“I think he looks much better with it. He’s got very fine hair and I used scissors for the cut which took about 30 mins.

“Looking at him he’s kept that shorter style ever since and it suits him far better than his usual wild mane of hair.”


Nick added: "When it was finished he stood up and said ‘Do I have to pay?’ as he didn’t have any money on him. I said of course he did which I think surprised him.

“I joked he was like the Queen as he didn’t carry any money and his assistant had to give me £15 from her purse.

“He then told her to add another £5 for a tip so I didn’t do too bad out of it.

“He’s got very fine dead straight hair which was a joy to cut although he said I was the first person other than his regular hairdresser to cut his hair.

“I finished off the cut with a bit of wax in his hair, it’s so fine that it needs something to give it some volume.

“He didn’t really have any idea of what it was and I got the impression he had never used product let along take a comb through his hair.

And at Pall Mall Barbers, who have various branches across London, they claim they have been lucky enough to cut the PM's hair once and "got the distinct impression that Boris Johnson knows what he wants and likes a relaxed style, even though discussion of his hair cut took second place to the cricket match playing on Sky Sports at the time!"

They added that they learnt afterwards that he now uses an inexpensive barber closer to City Hall.

But more recently, it is said that Boris gets his mop chopped by his personal barber at No10.

In April, he showed off his fresh post-lockdown chop new look ahead of appearing in the House of Commons to pay tribute to Prince Philip alongside other MPs.

And during lockdown, it's believed his wife Carrie Symonds had a go at taming the unruly mop.

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