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LEWIS CLARK is a former criminal from South London who dealt drugs and committed robberies.

He was jailed in 2014 after being convicted for a violent armed robbery, but has since turned his life around.

Who is Lewis Clark?

Lewis is from Battersea, South East London and was one of three boys.

In an interview with documentary maker James English he talked openly about his life of crime.

During his criminal years, he commited multiple robberies, dealt drugs and ran with the South London gang G-Street from 2005-2010.

He said: "I've not worked a day in my life. I've always kind of grafted."

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He also talked about how his father and older brother both led lives of crime.

He said: "I was only going down the same road as them you know, I didn't know nothing else."

While in secondary school, his father received a 10-and-a-half year prison sentence.

As a child he travelled to prisons far and wide with his mother and siblings, saying the visits felt like they took "all day".

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Did Lewis Clark go to prison?

In his interview with James English he talks about his previous convictions.

Lewis' first incarceration was in a youth offenders institution in 2005 for a cash-in-transit robbery. He was sentenced to three years but served 18 months.

Then approximately six weeks later, he was caught by police dealing drugs.

After managing to escape before police raided his house, he handed himself in and received a 10-month sentence.

However before he finished his 10-month sentence he was charged with murder.

For the duration of his trial he was kept in custody and spent time in Belmarsh prison before being found not guilty.

In 2014 Lewis and his father were imprisoned after committing a cash-in-transit robbery outside a Co-op store in Tattenham Corner.

Lewis had hit a security guard over the head with a gun and the pair stole £45,000.

The duo appeared at Guildford Crown Court and were sentenced after being found guilty of armed robbery and assault on the security guard.

What does Lewis Clark do now?

Lewis launched a YouTube channel in April 2022 called Gymbarz, where he posts work-out videos, short interviews with ex-offenders and documentaries with influential people.

He is also active on Instagram posting motivational and inspiring content as he rebuilds his life away from crime.

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His main goal is to encourage young people away to stay off the streets.

Lewis also gained his Personal Training certificate at Carney's Community, which is a charity-run boxing gym and mentoring facility, for children and young adults in the community.

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