Why did Candy Montgomery kill Betty?

CANDY Montgomery was charged with murder after her friend Betty Gore was found dead in June 1980.

Gore had been struck 41 times with an ax.

Why did Candy Montgomery kill Betty?

Candy Montgomery was a stay-at-home mother who resided in the quiet, small town of Wylie, Texas, and cared for her and her husband's two children.

The family's life fell apart when her friend was found brutally murdered with her one-year-old infant crying in a nearby crib.

Montgomery was charged with the murder but when she took the stand in the courtroom, she claimed self-defense.

She told the judge and jury that she had stopped by Betty Gore's house on June 13, 1980, to pick up a bathing suit for Gore's daughter who was staying with her that evening.

Montgomery, who said she had been having an affair with Gore's husband, claimed Gore charged at her with an ax.

It was then that she said she blacked out and when she came to, Gore was dead and she left to pick up the kids from school.

During the final days of the trial, Montgomery's defense attorney, Don Crowder, said in his final arguments that the prosecution had presented "not one word of evidence that has refuted the testimony of self-defense".

The jury, made up of nine women and three men, left the courtroom to deliberate, and when they read the final verdict, Montgomery was declared innocent of murdering Gore.

It was ruled that Montgomery had acted in self-defense, and Crowder told UPI at the time, "We're just very pleased, very pleased. We're proud the jury had enough courage to stand up."

Where is Candy Montgomery now?

The Montgomery family left Texas after Candy Montgomery was cleared of murder, and relocated to Georgia where they reportedly still reside.

Details are few and far between though.

It’s thought her marriage to Pat Montgomery around four years after the move and Candy now goes by her maiden name of Wheeler.

She is said to now work as a mental health counsellor.

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