Will my bins be collected in the snow?

SNOW blanketed large parts of the UK yesterday causing travel disruptions in the worst affected areas. 

But what does the wintry weather mean for bin collections?

Will my bins be collected in the snow? 

Some local councils have reported delays to bin collections due to snowy conditions. 

Parts of Nottingham had their bin days changed today due to the weather – but bin crews will return later in the week to pick up any rubbish.  

In Wigan, bin collections were cancelled yesterday, with the council promising bin men would return “as soon as possible”. 

Bin collections in Edinburgh have also seen delays due to the weather. 

The best thing to do if you are unsure of bin collections in your area due to snowy weather is to check your local council website and social media pages, or give them a ring. 

Where has it snowed? 

Snow has fallen across much of Scotland and in parts of north England and the midlands over the last 24 hours. 

Snow settled across the Worcestershire and the midlands with Brits taking the chance to sledge on the Malvern Hills this morning. 

Stafford and Sheffield have also seen dustings of snow along with Durham, Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Leeds and Greater Manchester.

In Scotland, large patches of the Highlands were covered in thick snow and the streets of Edinburgh were white this morning. 

Snow and ice warnings were issued across the UK this morning but will isolate tomorrow in the south of England. 

Travellers have been warned to take care on the roads, which may be covered in ice, and there is likely to be some disruption to public transport. 

When will my bins be collected over New Year's?

The majority of Britain's homes will have their bins collected either a few days early or late this holiday season – however, this will be different for every council.

If you're living in England and Wales, this tool will make sure you get the day right.

Just enter your postcode, and it will direct you to your council's collection page.

If your collection falls on New Year's Day, it may not be collected until January 2 – use the tool to find out how your local council is planning to collect the bins.

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