Woman bewildered to find flock of 100 sheep following jogger after they got lost

A hiker came across an unusual sight when she saw a huge flock of sheep following a jogger on a trail.

Eleanor Scholz was on a hike near Puy de Dôme in central France and she met a French woman running with 100 sheep that just wouldn't stop following.

"One of the best things I’ve seen," she wrote in her Instagram post. "Can't stop thinking about this bewildered trail runner I encountered while hiking alone in France.

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"She stopped to chat with me for a few minutes and like 100 sheep who were running after her stopped and waited patiently while she explained her situation.

"Apparently a whole flock of sheep got lost and followed her for her whole run."

The sheep – all tagged and labelled with smit marks – stop and wait for the jogger during her short chat with Eleanor, then start following as soon as the woman runs again.

"When she started running again, they all ran after her. She's a shepherdess now," Eleanor joked.

Eleanor has no clue how long the sheep had been following her, but she was told the sheep were lost and without a sheep dog, the flock followed her instead.

"She was leading them back towards where she had seen some pastures," she continued.

"It wouldn't have been difficult to ask around in that small community and figure out who they belong to, since the sheep were marked to identify which farm they came from."

The video brought joy to many viewers, who thanked Eleanor for sharing the captivating clip.

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One said: "The absolute best thing I've seen in years! I laughed ever so sheepishly."

"Love this story! Shared with friends and we've been laughing all day. Thank you for sharing!" a second wrote, and a third added: "So magical!

"I only run into people I don't like on my neighbourhood trail, totally wish for 100 sheep instead.".


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