Woman kidnapped aged three reunited with parents 30 years later

A woman who was kidnapped as a toddler 30 years ago has been reunited with her parents.

Jin Ting, known by her parents as Ting Ting, was abducted on August 28, 1986, in China, while she went out on her own to buy fruit for her mother.

Her parents, Jin Guosheng and Chen Meilian, searched for their child across China's major cities for decades but could not find her.

Mr Jin, from Dengbu in Yingtan City, said: “My wife and I worked wherever we went, travelling to most of the country’s major cities."

In March last year, Chinese missing persons organisation Baobei Huijia (Baby Back Home) got in touch with the parents in a bid to reunite missing Jin Ting with her parents.

The organisation has successfully reunited more than 2,000 lost or trafficked children with their biological parents since 2007.

They invited Mr Jin to register on Baobei Huijia’s forum and volunteers soon tracked down a woman with a similar age and description as Ting Ting, living in the city of Futian in East China’s Fujian Province.

The woman, who is now a mother-of-three, had also registered to the forum in a bid to locate her parents.

Volunteers contacted the lady, known as Ping Ping, and asked her to take a DNA test.

Mr Jin and his wife had already given their DNA to police in 2016, and the young woman was a match.

The family reunited on August 13 in a heartwarming moment.

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