Woman 'snapped her leg in half' jumping off pier into shallow water

Woman shares video of the moment she ‘snapped her leg in half’ jumping off pier into shallow water as a warning to other wannabe daredevils to check the depth of water before leaping

  • A 21-year-old woman warned others about jumping into the sea from a height
  • Leone Morrison leapt from a 15ft pier and ‘snapped her leg in half’ upon impact
  • The tide had gone out since her last jump into the sea in North Tyndeside 

A woman who ‘snapped’ her leg in half after jumping into the sea from a pier in North Tyndeside has shared the video of the moment she plunged into the water as a warning to other daredevils to check the depth of the water before they leap. 

Leone Morrison issued a warning to swimmers as temperatures soar after suffering the horrific injury which broke both bones in her lower left leg.

The 21-year-old has pleaded with pier jumpers to check water depths and be wary of outgoing tides before leaping in, after shattering her leg and chipping her spine at a pier in Cullercoats on Sunday.

The call centre worker, from Heworth, Tyne and Wear, and her two friends had safely jumped from the 15ft pier earlier, before she decided to take the plunge again.

However, by the time she was back on the pier and ready to leap the tide had gone out and she was unknowingly free falling into shallow waters.

Having made the leap Leone snapped her tibia and fibula and was forced to drag herself on to the beach where she was rushed to hospital.

She later received surgery where a metal rod was placed through her knee and into her leg to support the injury.

Leone also chipped her spine which, combined with her broken leg, is suspected to take around three months to heal.

Leone Morrison, 21, from Tyne and Wear, ‘snapped her leg in half’ by landing in shallow water after jumping from a pier

The video showed Leone inhaling gas and air as she was carried to an ambulance

Leone has had a metal rod placed through her knee and into her leg to support the recovering bones

The call centre worker had already jumped from the pier earlier in the day, but didn’t realise the tide had gone out when she went to jump again

The 21-year-old broke both her tibia and fibula upon impact with the seabed and also chipped her spine

A shocking video captured the moment Leone ran to the edge of the pier before launching herself into the shallow waters.

As she plunges into the water the clip cuts to her receiving gas and air whilst being carried to safety on a stretcher.

Leone shared the video to TikTok on Tuesday warning all to check the depth before jumping and saying it ‘could have been a whole lot worse but I’ve only suffered from a snapped tibia and fibula’.

Leone said: ‘Myself and a few friends were at the beach and we saw people jumping off the pier so we decided we would do it.

‘It was a hot day so me and my friend decided to jump and then we swam in the sea for a little bit.

‘Our other friend jumped in but he got out as it was cold then me and my friend decided to get out as well.

‘So we got out and walked back up to where our friend was sitting.

‘I decided I wanted to jump in again as I loved the adrenaline rush it gave me but when I jumped in the tide had gone out and it was much more shallow.

‘I hit a sand bank as I hit the floor and my left leg just ended up snapping in half.

‘I managed to drag myself so far out of the sea and then an off duty nurse came and helped and I couldn’t thank them enough.

‘The lifeguards came and now I am still in hospital trying to warn people it’s not worth it.

‘The pain at the time wasn’t as bad as I was high on adrenaline but now it’s a solid eight out of ten as I’ve had surgery on my leg to put my tibia and fibula back together.

‘My advice would be to make sure to check that it’s deep enough to jump or just don’t do it at all as it could have been a whole different story for me.’

Leone has said the pain is ‘unbearable’ but hopes people will learn from her mistake

Leone was other pier jumpers to make sure they know how deep the water is and to think about the outgoing tide

She uploaded a video to her TikTok account, which showed her jumping from the the pier and then it cut to her on a stretcher being carried by life guards and paramedics

Leone was able to drag herself out of the water, she said the adrenaline meant the pain wasn’t too bad

She has had her surgery and a cast placed on her left leg, she said the pain is a ‘solid eight out of ten’

The video has now had over 50,000 views with thousands of likes and dozens of comments from users who wish Leone a speedy recovery.

One user said: ‘Oh bless you, lashes on point though babe.’

Another wrote: ‘I’ve seen videos of people doing this and ended up being paralysed from it. I’m glad you’re okay and wishing you a speedy recovery

To which Leone replied: ‘I know could have been a whole different story thank you x’.

Leone also commented that the pain is ‘unbearable’ and that she needs another surgery to help her walk again.

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, Andy Choumanidis said: ‘We advise all beachgoers to choose a lifeguarded beach this summer as if you find yourself in trouble in and around the water, one of our team will shortly be on hand to help.

‘We also advise beachgoers to check the tide times before swimming, as low tide can be deceivingly dangerous.’

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