Woman wants £5k sex dolls to be made available on NHS to combat loneliness

The boss of a sex doll company wants her products to be available for free on the NHS to help improve mental health.

Jade Stanley, 36, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, says her bespoke dolls could benefit people facing isolation, or bereavement and can even be moulded to look like dead partners.

Ms Stanley, who runs SexDollOfficial, is now up for an award in the category of Entrepreneur of the Year in the annual English Women’s Awards on November 21.

Her success has come after launching the company just 18-months ago.

She told BirminghamLive she already has a global client base, including in countries where sex dolls are banned, such as Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

The mum-of-four says her buyers don't just have sex with the life-like dolls but keep them just to have a companion around the house.

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“Loneliness is a massive issue in this country,” she said. “If my dolls bring comfort and help, why shouldn’t they be used by the medical profession?

“With the customised dolls, clients are, more often than not, not interested in the sexual purpose. Let’s just say I know that by the specifications they ask – or don’t ask – for.

“What they want is very, very different from the public’s perception of a porn star. They want an image of someone they’d like to spend time with.”

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Jade also denies her dolls encourage people to seek out real human contact, instead she says she's "helping to fix the problem" by turning people's dreams into reality.

“I build a relationship with customers, often not over the phone, but I do build a relationship. Mine is definitely a service industry," she said.

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She also says provides bespoke dolls for women, too.

Jade said: “Ten per cent of my customers are women.

“Women are becoming a little bit braver. They want a doll to share with their partner.

“Boundaries are being pushed, people are becoming far more experimental. The climate is ripe.

“It’s just business. I wouldn’t introduce a doll into my own life – it’s not my bag. But I know there are people who do, and they are from all walks of life.

“I’m aware some may raise their eyebrows, but I don’t care. Nobody else is putting food on my table.”

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